UFS Platinum “Plant Man” Review

(Submit a deck list for any of the Platinum characters and I’ll feature it on my next review.  Community interaction!)

He’s fast and his health bar wont go down! PLANT MAN JOINS THE SCENE!

Plant Man has an interesting character design, he’s definitely one of my favorites out of Platinum. He’s one of the few characters with three abilities, which is more uncommon on 7 hand size characters than anywhere else. Do his abilities hold up, are they overpowerd? Let’s take a look.


Plant Man’s bottom two abilities are basically two halves of one ability. They both scale off of the same variable, however they trigger at different times.  The speed during the enhance step, and the life gain at damage.  If you spend momentum for abilities during the enhance step, the life gain will weaken. By design he’s supposed to scale hard into late game. I see him starting to take control of any game he’s in by the time he has 3 momentum. If you deck is built correctly, that should be about turn 3 on average. He has amazing synergy with Kersplat, which shares two symbols with him. With Plant Man a Reversal is gaining you extra vitality, so the average Kersplat early game will likely gain you 4+ vitality. On top of that, it would have soaked up a large amount of speed, making it practically unblockable, unless your opponent uses a powerful speed counter like Dust in the Wind. The two abilities ride the fine line of being too good, but I think they are relatively balanced due to how they interact with multiples and the life gain being unavailable on throws. Unless you’re at about 4+ momentum, the life gain you will receive from sending multiple attacks at your opponent will be negligible, making him have to scale even harder into late game to utilize cards like Death Blow or Ice Slasher. His poke game will be strong! Nobody want’s their opponent gaining life, especially when it’s a lot. People will likely sculpt a hand, then blow their load at him all at once, so they don’t have to chug though all the life gain.

Plant Mans top ability is extremely versatile. It can provide you with attacks, or fix your checks for your next attack or block. I see a lot of synergy with cards like Gyro Crush and other draw 1 pokes. It makes it easy for him to sculpt a hand on defense and offense, especially on the All symbol. Thrill of Battle could also see a lot of play in him on Life and Evil since it can pull attacks off of the top of his deck on both players turns. Big thumbs up on this one.

Plant Man’s support is also impressive. Plant Barrier is a deck stacking block, and can also snap momentum at the cost of a little vitality and a foundation. It’s a pretty fair trade, and will make sending cards like Flying Yamato Spear a lot easier on these symbols. I think snapping momentum is a little tired, but it’s done in a way few other cards have and it’s block ability is interesting, so I approve. Garden Mascot can also snap momentum, but only in Plant Man. A 1 difficulty spam being able to do that is a little sketchy to be honest, even if it’s at a high cost. I am in love with it’s top ability though. It allows you to draw when your playing cards that don’t have keyword spaghetti. It’s a boost to a lot of the more simple attacks in the game that don’t see play, and I’m all for that. If there is one thing I like, it’s promoting deck building diversity.

Plant Man’s is interesting all of his support is relatively well designed and viable. His design is one that will make you take your time, and one that will afford you time. I hope that we can see more designs like Plant Man in the future.


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