UFS Platinum “Bubble Man” Review

Incoming the master of multiples and momentum BUBBLE MAN!!!

To put it bluntly, Bubble Man is a simple character. He gains momentum, and poops out big multiples. Is he good? Yes, in my opinion he is good. However, in my opinion, his design is lacking. Let’s dive in shall we.

Bubble Man’s bottom ability is powerful. Being able to pump damage on multiple attacks scales huge! Suddenly Cowboy Battery is capable of spitting out 14 damage, Ice Slasher 18 damage, or his attack Bubble Lead a whopping 32 damage! There is no question that this ability is powerful, it is a little boring though. Lot’s of big numbers for free on a bunch of attacks. There is certainly a market for that.

Bubble Man’s other ability works well to compliment his first, and is reminiscent of Kyo*. Gaining momentum on demand is always a good thing, especially when it let’s you crap out Flying Yamato Spear whenever you please. On his symbols he can snap into a Sweet Nothingness, Peaceful Coexistence, or various other defensive cards. Commit 2 foundations seems like a small price to pay to get that whenever you want. It has synergy with Partners in Crime Fighting, and can be used to soak up momentum on the opponent’s turn if your willing to let you’re shields down. Again another powerful ability, though this one has much more depth than the first one.

Bubble Man’s 2 card support is where I have an honest problem. Bubble Lead is a card that has been made before. It’s Cowboy Battery with a light twist, it even shares two symbols. Big Spender is also a card I think the game could do without. Multiples are a strong quick way to murder people, the last thing we want to do is enable the double Cowboy Battery turn 3. Prepared to Fight is a card created to answer this, but it only covers ¼ of the resource symbols in UFS. Two of those symbols hold the majority of the cards it’s meant to counter. His support is uninspired albeit lazy.

His design as a whole should have been different in my opinion. In the Archie Comics, Bubble Man’s bubbles are acid. They could have attempted a burn character again, only scaled back FAR from Napalm Man. We could use another Alice* in the game. I’m starving for a large variety of control decks in UFS. I want burn and mill to be a thing outside of 1-2 characters!

Overall Bubble Man is a powerful character with powerful support. However he falls off in every other way. He only reinforces the way we play now, and does nothing to innovate or expand the game of UFS. Bubble Man is a boring character.


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