UFS Platinum “Sheep Man” Review

It’s been talked about for months, it’s finally here, and we’re ready to take a look! Starting with the most hyped character of Universal Fighting System’s first set in it’s PLATINUM SERIES; We have Sheep Man.


Does he live up to his hype or is he destined for the barn of bad characters….

Sheep Man is an aggressive 6 hander with free bonuses to damage and speed to your Charge, Stun, or Breaker attacks. He also has staging area control with his second ability, which allows you to stack a foundation on top of your opponent’s deck, and replace it with a weaker one. The stipulations to these abilities are, the bonuses to his attacks will only apply if your opponent’s card pool is clear, and he must pay 2 vitality to use his second ability. This character is STRONG! Here we have a character that can give free speed and damage to attacks, who is also capable of getting rid of answers to his deck.

While simple, Sheep Man’s first ability has depth to it. It really makes you think about how you want to open any attack string. You wont continue to receive the bonus if you attack is blocked, so you may have to play mind games with your opponent to get more numbers on board. This ability also punishes blocks that clear from the card pool, such as Agile and Formidable Task. Opening any meaty stun move will likely cause your opponent to commit out. Dust Crusher on turn 2 would run at a Stun 2 6speed for 7damage. If you go first, your opponent builds 4, then you open with this and use Sheep man’s second effect, they will have 1 foundation ready and their character if they checked well. If you stacked a 5 on top of their deck with Sheep Man, they need to block with at least a +1 block for a successful defense. It’s unlikely you will run into any form of counter play, since you can throw it onto the top of their deck. It seems to me, Sheep Man will be capable of grade A cheese in the early game. With his support card Static Build-Up it will likely scale into the mid-late game. His attack Thunder Wool, also supports his abilities with great effect. It’s an awesome follow-up to an opening attack. It’s also an answer to behemoths like Stone Man, whom Sheep Man will have trouble crushing.

Enough about his first ability though, his second ability is NUTTER BUTTERZ. You can choose 1 foundation in your opponent’s staging area stack it on their deck and replace it with any foundation in their discard pile you want COMMITTED. You need to pay 2 vitality to activate this effect, but that’s no big deal for the payout you receive. You can stack your opponent’s 4 checks on the top of their deck to get an edge on an attack, or take any answers off board that could stop you. You can even destroy your opponent’s foundations if they have 2 of the same foundation with the Unique keyword in their deck. Bring it in and one of them has to go. Sheep Man is a mini Napalm Man under those conditions. The vitality cost on this ability actually opens the door to Psycho Crusher, and Iori** support. You can use Embracing His Curse on evil to refund your life, and burn your opponent with Psycho Crusher all at the same time. Only bad part about that plan is your playing the evil symbol in 2017 :p.

All in all Sheep Man seems like a very solid, if not a somewhat overpowered aggressive control character. He combos well with the support on his symbols, and in my opinion lives up to the hype.

Another cute combo is Segaki Offering with Quick and Precise on All.


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